How to Trade on Binance

After logging in your activated account, it is time to deposit funds on your account in order to buy and sell any cryptocurrencies.

There are 2 options for that:

Buy with a Credit Card

Binance allows their users to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC) with Visa and MasterCard credit card. To do that;

  1. Navigate ‘Wallet’ tab
  2. Select ‘Buy Crypto’.

When completing that, you will need to confirm your e-mail address and your identity for your billing information.

To confirm your identity, a valid government issued from of ID is required. Once completing all steps, your purchased cryptocurrency will reach your wallet in 10-30 minutes.

Deposit from Seperate Wallet

If you already have a separate cryptocurrency wallet, Binance allows you to make a deposit by it. To do that;

  1. Navigate to the ‘Funds’ tab and click ‘Balances’,
  2. You will see all available cryptocurrencies which are open to trade on Binance,
  3. In order to deposit your cryptocurrency in your separate wallet, find the same cryptocurrency in the list and Click ‘Deposit’ button,
  4. You can either scan your cryptocurrency wallet QR core or copy your Binance wallet address to withdraw from your separate address.
  5. Once you send the cryptocurrency from your separate wallet to Binance wallet, wait for the transaction to process, then you will be ready to trade.

Click here to know how to place an order on Binance.

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