Passive Income in Cryptocurrency

These days, we all need some sort of occupation to keep us busy. Why not to enjoy this time and make some economic profit from your actions? Here I will shortly make a list of ways for you to receive passive income in cryptocurrency.


You can buy, sell, trade, and store cryptocurrency online and earn with ups and downs in crypto market. It is also possible to buy cryptocurrency with your credit card or debit card. For this purpose, I am suggesting cryptocurrency trading platform binance. It is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platfrom by volume and trading pairs. This platfrom also has its own native coin, BNB. BNB started its journey with a price of $0.3 and has reached over $35. Check it out below.


There are crypto related browsers you can use to do your online tasks, watch movies, read articles, or anything you do on known browsers. Even though users do not usually know that browsers like google are storing user information to sell commercial purposes. Everything you do on these web browsers are been recorded and ready to be sold for revenue. Here crypto related browser come in hand to help you to have control on your perponal data. Browsers like brave has a feature that users can make extra money while using it. You can earn cryptocurrency bat token as a reward and also earn more by watching ads. Another browser, cryptotab, is using computing power to reward users with bitcoin. Check these two browsers below.


You can earn cryptocurrency with applications. You can find a list that I made for you below. Some application will reward you for watching videos on their platform. Platfroms like bitradio airdrops cryptocurrency for listening radio online. While you stay at home, you can earn cryptocurrency by playing famous games online, too. Check out the list below.


If you like to buy cryptocurrency and earn passive income on your coins. Some of the staking rewards are paid in a monthly basis some in daily. Rewards can go up to 50%. To give some example on which coin to do staking on, NEO, VET, PIVX, LSK, ONT, or KMD. To purchase staking coins, Binance will be a best option. Here is a list of platforms you can stake and earn profit on your coins.


If you are having a website with enough of traffic, you can make passive income as a publisher. You can monetize 

This is all I have for this post. Of course there are many other ways to receive passive income, but I wanted to keep this list not too long or short. Please let me know what you think. Sincerely

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