Mining Cryptocurrency with Web Browser

There are many ways of obtaining cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.) either for free or purchase. We have already talked about how to earn cryptocurrency for free in our previous post. In this one, we would like to talk about mining cryptocurrency with web browser. There are mining algorithms/extensions plugged into web browsers that allow users to receive extra earnings on their computing power while spending time on internet. Here we created a list for you to earn cryptocurrency for free by using your web browser.

Mining Cryptocurrency with Web Browser

Cryptotab came out around 2017 to run on google chrome browser with an extention to allow users mine cryptocurrency bitcoin for free with computing power of their devices. Nowdays, cryptotab has its own web browser with mining profit increased up to 10x than previous one. Now, you only download the browser and use it as you use other web browser. The only difference is you will earn bitcoin while surfing, watcging videos/movies, reading, and so on. Click here to download cryptotab browser to earn free bitcoin. You can mine bitcoin using desktop, laptop, mobie phone (ISO or Android).

Brave Browser

Brave has its own browser that allows user to keep ads and trackers away while spending time on internet. Most of the browser include tracker, pop-ups, content related ads, and storing user information then sell them to advertisers like Facebook, amazon, eBay, google, etc. Brave came out with blockchain technology and offers full control over user data. Download brave and benefit internet without being monitored by data storing companies. You will have the power to control what you like to see and not. You will also make money by watching interest related ads. Rewards are in basic Attention Token, BAT. Your earnings will be stored on your browser and ready to withdraw anytime. Click here to download brave browser now.


This web browser in a node on blockchain and it rewards users for being active. You can download and get rewarded Netbox tokens for free as long as you surf using it. Also, install Netbox.Browser now and get 20 Netbox.Coins straight away. This offer only available for first 125K users. Click here to download the browser and start earning cryptocurrency.


Besides mentioned browsers above, JSEcoin has its unique way of mining cryptocurrency JSE token on any type of browsers. It is java script embedded cryptocurrency mining platform that uses computing power of your device while open and running. Everyone can download it and use desktops, laptops, or mobile phones to make extra cash by mining platforms native coin, JSEcoin. Click here to start mining JSEcoin on your browser.

All three options listed here are for mining cryptocurrency with web browser for free using computing power of your devices. There are other options to earn cryptocurrency for free such as cryptocurrency faucets, paid to click sites, content sharing platforms.

If you would like to buy sell or store cryptocurrency, there is the top cryptocurrency exchange platform, binance. You can buy, sell, trade, stake, and lend your cryptocurrency online. Click here for to create your account.

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