Brave Browser Partnership

Brave browser recently partnered with to offer add-free experience to Coindesk visitors. I will keep this post, brave browser partnership, short but if you have not used brave, click to download

The platform offer latest news and updates to educate community and increase awareness of digital assets and blockchain technology. It is also the creator of Bitcoin Price Index in 2013. The annual Consensus summit in each May is also hosted by Coindesk to get major stake holders from all over the word to discuss future of digital payments and blockchain.

brave partnership
Brave & Coindesk Partnership

Coindesk now offers safe, faster, and intrusive-add free browsing experince to its user who uses brave browser. This partnership also allows visitors to donate basic attention token to Coindesk via micro-tippling system on brave browser. It is still possible for brave users to receive ads and watch to get rewards in BAT token.

In Summary

As cryptocurrency based digital payment and value transformation technology evolves, there certainly will be a major demand on global payment solutions. Since commercial browsers provides use of their platfrom in exchange of your freedom, people will judge this corrupted privacy thief. Using Brave browser offers users and platforms like coindesk or any type to have visitors feel freedom of identity.

download brave browser

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