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As many of you know about faucet website that works and pays 100% since 2013. They are the the most trusted and well know bitcoin faucet that offers multiply ways of earning bitcoin either for free or games. Here this post will help you with Multiply BTC Trick. Here is a list of ways to earn on this great site:

Here in this post I will be showing a trick that you can use to play Multiply Btc Game on, bitcoin earning site. I will be listing couple rules, apply this all the time

First, know when to quit the game until next play. Secondly, be patient and never get disturbed by your will because you will loose your all balance. Lastly, always change your parameters. The strategy you read here is goin to be built around these rules. I will talk about these three golden rules in detail later on.

Multiply BTC Trick 1

Adjust parameters as shown in the picture below. Set your bet odds between 1.500 to 1.506 on the game. We will only play the game in manual bet part, which will give you more control over each play. For account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi, start your bet amount not higher than 0.00000005 btc (5 satoshi). If you like to play with jackspot on, choose lowest cost per roll. Now your are set to play. Start with clicking either on HI or LO buttons.

Your purpose is to find red colors (looses) in an order to hit bigger profits because for each red you get, you are going to increase the bet amount 2 times until you win the next roll. For example, lets say you start with 5 satoshi bet, then you lost first roll. Now you will increase your bet 2 times, so your bet is now 20 satoshi. Next play another guess with HI or LO buttons. If you loose second roll too, apply the rule above (increasing bet 2 times) again. This will continue until you hit a win/green color. Lets say you won the 5th guess and received your profit. Now you need to set your bet amount to be the lowest, which is 5 satoshi max for an account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi .

After you make 10-15% profit for each game session, you must take a break and come back to play after at least 30 mins. This will help you to relax and get out of game’s scope. multiply btc trick earn bitcoin bitcoin gambling roll dice game strategy

This trick is only for manual betting, does not apply to auto bet part. You should leave the game for minimum 24 hours if you have profit over 100% of your original balance.

Please do not consider this post as an investment advice. Bitcoin gambling can be very dangerous. That is why, you should not play this multiply btc game with any amount of bitcoin you can not afford loosing.

This is a post to show a multiply btc game trick on faucet website. Please let us know what you think about this strategy and your experience with it.

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