Airdrops roughly can be a physical object or value given away for free. In the cryptocurrency business, an airdrop is used to attract more users, bring awareness, or create a mass adoption by distributing some crypto tokens, new virtual currency, that would create a value against fiat currencies, governmental money, centralized money.Sometimes users receive tokens into their wallets for free or in return for a small service such as retweeting a post sent by the company. Airdrops have been in the field of distribution of new blood coins for almost 3 years. And, when we look at the results, it looks like companies has already reached their goals.

What make Airdrops more attractive?

Over years of new crypto coins appearing on the market, we have seen many unworthy airdrops promised to be next bitcoin rally. However, most of them left recipients or investors unhappy and broke based on investment type.

Airdrops require investment, of course, for example an airdrop will promise you a rapid grow in value after listing on an exchange, and you will spend time and effort to promote it to receive some token for free. At the end, if it is a “shitcoin”, you have lost your investment, that is your time.

So what make any types of airdrops more attractive and meaningful for investing with your time or money? Here is 4 (four) main key points for you all.

1. Locate Official Website

Firstly, this is a very important start. There must be a website for an airdrop. Even though, a website makes an airdrop more attractive and believable, it must have a unique design and detailed topics. You would find almost 99% of information on a legit project like Horizen Global Project for ZenCash Token. Some of SCAM token projects, airdrops, copy white papers from legit ones and just changing few things on their website. Be careful!

2. Read the white paper!!!

Reading white paper will help you a lot before you get into any airdrops. A token must fill a gap in this decentralized currency movement, like ethereum, chainlink, basic attention token, and even Dogecoin. It has to serve a purpose that will solve an issue in the existing environment or add a value to it. There is another subtopic in the white paper, called road map. Road map of a project is very important sometimes they look too good to be true. So, read the white paper!

3. Look after Team Members

Team member are as important as white paper. For example, some coins will have a very good start at the beginning, but after a while, it will miss updates or such things that only active team members will have skills to fulfill.

There are also other cases like that projects hire team members for a limited of time. Team member page must be accessible and users should be able to verify them on social media platforms. Make sure that all team members social links are working and leads you to a existing and active profiles.

All of the social platform links must be working and present for all team members. Check the photos and make sure they are real. Some projects even using peoples’ profiles without their permission just to get trust into SCAM projects. So watch out for this one too. Do not waste time on such airdrops.

4. Total Coin Supply

If any of airdrops is promising to distribute millions of token per recipient, it is highly target to exit scam or devalued rapidly after couple months of release. So, look for a total number of tokens planned to be in circulation. Moreover, do not get into any type of investment with a cryptocurrency if the share of team members is above 5%. That is, it can be manipulated very quickly if a whale sale takes place from the team members.

The Best Airdrops – Will be updated Weekly

After considering all mentioned above, here I have listed a number of good airdrops you can join to earn free tokens

  1. ZenCash : Horizen Global airdrops a fraction of zen token for free everyday for free. All is needed is coming back to the site to claim every 20 hours. Click here for more detail.
  2. Tezos Contest: Cold wallet provider Ledger is hosting a contest for Tezos token. 1,650 Tezos and 6 Leger wallets will be given away in this airdrop. Click here for more detail.
  3. ApolloWallet: This airdrops will distribute 500 APL token to each recipient who at least follow them on twitter and join their telegram channel. Click here for more detail.
  4. BdamCoin: This project has an airdrop token for simple tasks on social media platforms. Collect up to 160 BDAM coin for free. Click here for more detail.
  5. Phemex : Earn crypto up to $12 bonus after filling the google airdrop form. Click here to open account on phemex first. Then follow them on twitter and retweet pinned tweet.
  6. Tandem: Download the application to earn 1.000 TDM coin and 250 TDM coin for every referral you bring. You can use my code: f429a783 as your referral.
  7. Weemat: Get active with their telegram bot and follow instructions to earn free WMA tokens.

Feel free to comment below if you have questions to ask.

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