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As cryptocurrency becomes more stable in market price, bitcoin price prediction ends up being logical. Here is this post I would like to share my opinion on BTC/USD change for couple of months. I will keep this as short as I can to let you read more from graphs.

First of all, lets take a look at the first figure and see the whole picture. After the highest pick in 2017, bitcoin faced a huge drop and came down to $3800. It is obvious that this drop resulted from a drop in demand…

Another thing I want to point out is two areas in black circles. The first one occurred when big holders (or whales/exchanges/wallets) sold out their HODLs to grab btc at lower prices, very clever. This will always inevitable if exchanges keep big part of bitcoins… Sorry! Then a price increase happened as price drop brought more attention on news (This is what “they” wanted by the way). The second circle is due scary scenarios caused by CORONA-19, as you can guess.

My prediction starts right after this bull-run. After bitcoin priced reach about $12.500 it created its resistance to come down slowly again. During a long term bear market move it created mini-bull runs.

I will simply make two predictions. First one is in long term and rough estimation on first figure. Second one is going to be on Figure 2. et me start by saying that I have created 2 borders (Top and Bottom) with green lines. These two lines will of course represent my prediction’s constrains. Price after touching top will decrease or touching down will increase eventually. I come up with this prediction by creating a guess in price drop with red line by the end of price graph. Even though there was no CORONA-19 pandemic, bitcoin would face bear market anyway. Where the red line meets market price, I interpreted it to be a start of a bull run.

bitcoin price prediction

My second prediction will have more residual moves and cover little more detail on graph. Again I have drawn 2 green line to define Top and Bottom border. I have also located deeps with black arrows on RSI graph,

Each one of these deeps (black arrows) represent a buy alert for investors&traders. As a result, it is possible for bitcoin to gain value on market and you can see upward moves on graph. I have indicated my bitcoin price prediction by drawing a solid red line. It is somewhere gets dashed in order shown possible move after touching Top resistance point.

bitcoin price prediction

In summary, bitcoin price based on my interpretation will continue undulations around $8.000 and gain power to hit back to $10.000 or even $11.000 in case. After touch to top, it will come back to $8.000 and a while later gain value as bitcoin halving news create attention.

Finally, I have shared my thoughts with this awesome community. I am always open to any ideas. If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to buy some click here.

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basic attention token price prediction

As the cryptocurrency market experience a sharp drop due to uncertinity caused by CORONA-19, I would like to make a BAT price prediction on market.

I will be keeping this very short to let the graphs and drawings to tell you my prediction more. In the first graph, you can see the price change after seeing possible deeps. After each deep, a bull run was occurred . As it is possible to assume that increase in price went over a month.

bat price prediction

After seeing first graph and price undulation over time, I would like to take a close look over the blue area in Figure 1. Let me say, Case #1 has its up-move after seeing relative bottom. Then a bear-run took place to place another deep on graph. Such ups and downs can be seen on graph in Figure 1 repeatedly. It is like a move of a ball bouncing on ground.

In Case #2, I would expect the same move (up and down) for a 2 month period. It is obvious that this price drop would be happening even if there was no Corona-19 impact. I tried to continue drawing the bear-move with dashed line to see where it meets the bull-move. 

basic attention token price prediction

Therefore, same increase in BAT/USD graph taking place makes more sense to my prediction. This bull-run will cover a month-period based on my prediction and previous interpretation.  

Since this drop, I have placed orders to accumulate some BAT and sell it off at somewhere around $0.3 then resulting in bear-run. Of course, this prediction is nothing but sharing my prediction with community. I am always open to other suggestions.

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I have shared my BAT price prediction in this post. To read more about price prediction, click here.


Bitcoin started to fall as we predicted last week (click here to see previous prediction). The rising channel had been broken down last week already. Therefore, the price kept falling up to $8,800 for now. In our opinion, that fall is normal because people who bought Bitcoin earlier started to take their profit. The good news and what makes Bitcoin still trustworthy is that no political issue or epidemic (corona virus) can affect the price directly. So, this fall is not related to falls in the stock markets recently. Halving situation seems like a reason to rise for middle-term investors (click here to see the countdown). Let’s start our Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction (27/02/2020) to see what is waiting for us.

Interpretation: As we stated before, we are not in the rising channel anymore (turquoise line). In addition to that, short-term moving average (blue line) is below long-term moving average (red line). RSI is also falling with the falling price.

Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction: The purple, green and orange boxes show where the price felt before and started to rise later. So, our opinion is that the price may fall by those prices again and then start to rise. Because of that, the price in those orange, purple and green boxes are support values.

For ones who want to buy Bitcoin, it is a smart idea to wait until RSI falls by the red box. When the RSI is in the red box, the price trend may possibly change from falling to rising trend.


Our previous Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction has worked and the price has risen with small falls (click here to see our last week prediction). We can shortly say that the halving event effect is still on and it seems it will continue for a while (click here to see the countdown). So let’s see what we are going to expect for Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction (06/02/2020).

btc price prediction for 06/02/2020

Interpretation: Rising trend continues with small falls and rises (blue line). In addition, Short term moving average (blue line) has been above Long term moving average (red line) for a while. RSI also keeps its rising trend (orange line) but it seems there is a mighty resistance at 70 because RSI has been trying to exceed that point four times and failed (green line).

Prediction: Our inference from the interpretation above is that the BTC price will keep rising for a while if it exceeds 70 of RSI. So, we must always check RSI rising trend. Following this channel the price can rise by $10,300 and fall by $9,300 (as stop-loss point).

Worse case scenario is that the BTC price has tried to exceed current value before and failed with huge fall (purple square). So, we must also consider this scenario and $9,300 would be a good stop-loss price for precaution.

Our Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction (06/02/2020) considers those 2 scenarios for next week. Although Rising price trend with rising RSI trend is a good scenario, we should always know that no price rises forever.


Hi guys, our last Bitcoin Price Prediction has worked well again (click here to see last week predicton). Since last week BTC has risen and then fell by $8,500. As long as we have halving situation on May, rising trend is supposed to continue as well as some short-term fall for arrangement.

Interpretation: As you can see from the price chart, we are still above falling-trend channel showed with purple lines. Short term moving average (blue line) is still above long term moving average (red line). However, the blue line has just changed its trend from rising to falling. In addition, 100-day moving average (green line) has just touched the top of the falling-trend channel line. RSI is in rising trend (orange line).

Prediction: Although short-term moving average is still above long-term moving average, it has been starting to go down for 3 days. So we might see a falling trend for a few days . For this fall, $8,100 is a good support because both 100-day moving average and top of falling-trend channel are at that value. So, it is a good support point. However, we do not expect that much fall unless there is a bad unexpected situation leading to fall. As long as we are not in the falling channel, the trend is always positive to rise. If short-term and long-term moving average intersect, it is possible to see a falling stage trend. As a result, what we think is that the price will fall until RSI touches to the rising trend line (orange line) and then the price start to rise again.


Hi Guys, we passed the critical point. Our previous ‘Bitcoin Price Prediction’ has worked well and BTC has risen by $8,900 in a week (Click here to see previous prediction). The expected halving situation may directly affect BTC price to rise because the award with BTC-mining will decrease from 12.5 BTC/ block to 6,25 BTC/ block. However, for short-term investment we should not consider that issue as we still have time for the halving (Click here to see the remained time and some stats).

BTC price predicton for 16/01/2020

Interpretation: In daily chart, the channel between purple lines that BTC moves up and down was broken to rise in a week as we predicted. So, it is a good signal. In addition, longer-term trend with green line still continues. Short-term moving average is still higher than long-term moving average (another good signal). Also, the BTC price is higher than 100-day moving average. RSI is keeping rise trend.

Prediction: There is rising trend in RSI and short-term moving average is still higher than long term moving average. So, it is a rising price signal for short term. It can rise up to $9,500 potentially. After that rise, we expect to see some fall for arrangement. The supports for that rise trend are $8,300, $8,000 and $7,200 (for longer trend).


Hi guys, this is our first BTC prediction time for this year, weekly Bitcoin price prediction. We are going to use our experience and technical analysis methods to predict bitcoin price in short and long terms.

bitcoin price prediction daily bitcoin trading cryptocurrency
trading bitcoin daily

Interpretation: Here, you see 3O-minute price graphic of BTC price change. Short time ago, bollinger band shrinked then the price went down sharply (1). Moreover, RSI went down up to below 30. That situation can be considered as a good signal to buy BTC. In time, although RSI showed going up trend (4), the price had going down trend (3) (Positive Divergence). Simultaneously, bollinger band became shrinked (2). As a result, Positive Divergence worked very well and the price and RSI went up immediately. The price became at the top of its normal trend price interval (5).

Price Prediction: The price is out of bollinger band at the top. So, the price is supposed to decrease by $7,200 something. Moving Average indicator for 100 days is a good signal to see resistance and support well in a graphic and RSI is above 70 (6). So, here we can be inferred from the RSI that the price is high enough and will decrease with decreasing RSI. Also, 100-day-Moving-Average states that 7,152$ is a good support for this trend if it goes down (7). If the price went down below that, stop-loss should be considered. Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction.

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