Earn Cryptocurrency by Blogging on Publish0x

Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging on publish0x has never been that easier. Publish0x is a new crypto related social sharing platform where users post articles about cryptocurrency news. This platform rewards publishers and readers for their time spending on the platform. Here we post about how to earn cryptocurrency by blogging on publish0x.

How to Earn on Publish0x

First, create a blog on publish0x, which is very simple as one click. You will need a blog title to publish posts. People on the platform will tip you if the content spark their interest. That is, you need to create some high level posts to attract readers and make them to leave you some tip. Creating high level contents will bring you quality readers even investors. As a content creator, you may have good chance to involve in some good projects.

Additionally, you will be paid to read posts. For example you will tip a writer if the content is interesting to you. You will have a chance to tip creators every 10 minutes and receive a portion of the tip, at least 20%.

Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging is very easy. On this platform users earn cryptocurrency to learn about cryptocurrency. You will receive tips in basic attention token, bounty0x, project hydro, and DAI stablecoin for free.

Other Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

You can also earn cryptocurrency Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, bitcoin cash, zencash, and other altcoins for free on faucet claims. Click here for more information.

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