BAT Price Prediction

As the cryptocurrency market experience a sharp drop due to uncertinity caused by CORONA-19, I would like to make a BAT price prediction on market.

I will be keeping this very short to let the graphs and drawings to tell you my prediction more. In the first graph, you can see the price change after seeing possible deeps. After each deep, a bull run was occurred . As it is possible to assume that increase in price went over a month.

bat price prediction

After seeing first graph and price undulation over time, I would like to take a close look over the blue area in Figure 1. Let me say, Case #1 has its up-move after seeing relative bottom. Then a bear-run took place to place another deep on graph. Such ups and downs can be seen on graph in Figure 1 repeatedly. It is like a move of a ball bouncing on ground.

In Case #2, I would expect the same move (up and down) for a 2 month period. It is obvious that this price drop would be happening even if there was no Corona-19 impact. I tried to continue drawing the bear-move with dashed line to see where it meets the bull-move. 

basic attention token price prediction

Therefore, same increase in BAT/USD graph taking place makes more sense to my prediction. This bull-run will cover a month-period based on my prediction and previous interpretation.  

Since this drop, I have placed orders to accumulate some BAT and sell it off at somewhere around $0.3 then resulting in bear-run. Of course, this prediction is nothing but sharing my prediction with community. I am always open to other suggestions.

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