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Here in this post, we write about the best way to earn bitcoin online with a legit faucet, freebitcoin. Earning bitcoin online is kinda hard and tricky with all previous scam/ponzi sites experiences. There are of course some legit sites that gives away free cryptocurrency; bitcoin ethereum litecoin, dogecoin, monero, dash and other altcoins to bring more attention to cryptocurrency world. Thus, we would like to talk about the BEST Bitcoin Faucet that you can EARN free Bitcoin every hour!!!

Faucet Claim – Every Hour

On this free bitcoin faucet, you can earn playing faucet claim every hour, multiply btc game, deposit to invest in bitcoin, bet on games or events, entering wagering contest, daily jackpot, entering golden ticket for a lambo ($200.000 in btc), collecting reward points from faucet and multiply btc game, and bringing referrals.


All you have to do is to click the ROLL button to get your free bitcoins. The amount of free bitcoins will depend on the number that you roll. the amount you will receive is according to the payout table on the left side. You can come back and play EVERY HOUR to win FREE bitcoins each time!

A lucky number will come out every claim and you can earn up to $200 in bitcoin. And, the amount won will be added directly into your faucet balance. The claim amount will always be equal to $200 and will be paid in bitcoin (BTC) according to current bitcoin price on the market.

The base claim amount will increase or decrease depending on how active you use the faucet, buy tickets for lottery, and play multiply game. Thus, be active to receive higher amounts in base claim. Each claim will bring you 2 lottery tickets for up to 1 bitcoin weekly raffle and 2 reward points.

Earn Bitcoin Playing Multiply Bitcoin Game

Set a bet amount first and then click the BET HI button to win if you roll a high number or the BET LO button to win if you roll a low number. Change the bet odds or the win chance to increase or reduce your win probability and tick the jackpots to win big prizes by rolling the number 8888! Also, get 1 free lottery ticket and 4 reward points for every 0.00000500 BTC that you wager and 1 free golden ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC that you wager!

Enter your settings for performing automated betting below and then click on START AUTO-BET and sit back and watch while your browser plays for you! Automated betting will stop if you click the STOP AUTO-BET button after it starts or if this browser tab/window is closed. However be sure to take a break then play again.

Wagering Contest – $32,000 / Month

Participate in monthly wagering and referral contest with $30,000 in total prizes! To win the wagering contest with $20,000 in total prizes


Bet on games, events, matches, or even presidential election of United States of America to earn bitcoin. You can also make prediction on cryptocurrency price over USD to earn bitcoin, such as ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin.

Win A LAMBO – $200,000 In Bitcoin

A lucky winner will drive home a lambo! This is the biggest contest this page has been running for months, and first round completed and winner received over 21 bitcoin. Round 2 is currently running and here is how to join this contest;

  • Buy tickets: Each tickets will cost you 25,00 satoshi (0.00025 btc) to enter the next draw.
  • Multiply BTC Game: Wagering 500,000, 0.005 btc, satoshi will give you a golden ticket in this contest. So play Multiply Bitcoin game.
  • Bet on Games: Betting on games will also reward you with a golden ticket to the contest for every 500,000 satoshi, 0.005 btc, spent.
Earn Bitcoin Interest – 4.08% Annual

Leave a balance over 30,000 satoshi, 0.0003 btc, in your balance or deposit more to receive a annual interest of 4.08%. Moreover, interest is paid in daily basis. And there is no locked up amount.

Collect Reward Points

Every time you claim free bitcoin through faucet roll, you will receive some reward points directly. On weekend, website increases reward multiplier up to 8x. Rewards can be converted into bitcoin satoshi anytime if balance is over 100,000 reward points, RP. Currently, 1 reward point is equal to 1 satoshi.

Referral Commission

You can also refer others to the site to collect a 50% on faucet claims and 25% on earned interest, and 0.004% of wagered bitcoin.

Lastly, please comment below if you have anything to ask. Sincerely,

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  1. Thank you for this website. Faucet and Multiply game works very well. I hope your next writing will be about another multiply games.

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