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Making money online is one way of earning some extra cash or even making a living out of it. There are two main ways to make money on blogging. The first one you can built your own website and share your idea with others. However, it is not easy like it sounds because you need to bring the traffic to your blog as well. So that is not the only part you will struggle. Think of building a unique audience and constant visits. Here is where second option comes in, blogging platforms.

You can actually start blogging on already exist platforms and make money. There is no need to worry about traffic. Some of the blogging sites offer you to only write about what you like without any economical benefit for you. Some is very good to build your audience but why not to make some extra cash when there is an option for it.

Here you will read about publish0x, a platform for cryptocurrency related news. Everyone with little or no knowledge can come and make money on either posting their own one or reading others’.

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How Publish0x Works

Publish0x is 100% free to use and earn tips for reading and writing posts. There is no pay to use case. It is more like Medium but readers and writers get paid for their effort. Publish0x does not own a token and doesn’t have a ICO. It is all free to use and earn.

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Coins to Earn on Publish0x
  • Basic attention token (BAT)
  • Loopring (LRC)
  • StableCoin (DAI)
Read to Earn Crypto

The platfrom empowers you to claim tips in crypto coins for every article/post you read. Payments are in crypto and can be in any of coins mentioned above (BAT, LRC, and DAI). Many more options, of course, will be added as the community grows. For each article you read, you will see a reward claim button at the bottom. You can claim up to 80% of tip and give 20% to the writer. For every 10 mins you can claim crypto tips again. Go check it out,

Write to Earn Crypto

Everyone can write a post and publish it on publish0x. You do not need to know a lot about cryptocurrency and digital payments. You can read from others and built your posts in a unique way. However make sure you do not do plagiarism, which is forbidden. For every reader lands on your post and claims tip at the bottom of the page, you will receive up to 20% of readers reward. So, educate yourself to write more sophisticated articles to earn more tips.

How to Withdraw Earnings

Earning is easy on this platform and it is easier to withdraw your rewards. First of all you will need to set your wallet addresses in the setting>wallets. And make sure do NOT use and exchange wallet address. That migh result in loosing your sent amount. You can withdraw your coins to any wallet address that support ETH ERC20 tokens. If you do not know any, you can check out Atomic Wallet. It is safe, secure, fast, and accepts ERC20 tokens.

Team of Publish0x

The team consist of many crypto enthusiasts who are aiming to make digital payment are to gain its place among people. This team has already been giving away to the community since 2014 via “Bitcoin Aliens” apps and games. There is a total of 1090 bitcoin distributed and many is coming.

publish0x team
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Publish0x Roadmap

They do have some other features on the way. Some is going to come faster than others. Here is a list of what is next on publish0x;

  • Adding ERC20 Token Supports
  • Paid-out type new Blog Class
  • Depositing feature (Pay Bigger Tips)

Next ones are coming right after first three completed. Here is future plans;

  • Article Bounty System (Earn bigger)
  • Featured Post Option (Boost your article)
  • Tip Higher
  • Sponsorship (Patreon system)
  • Staking Coins (Earn rewards)
Latest News on Publish0x

As of May 19, 2020, the platform has passed 100.000 registered user accounts. Around $57.095 has been given away as tips. Meanwhile, 57.974 posts and 7.460 blogs were created.

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cash back in bitcoin

As online shopping became a part of our life, we can plug cryptocurrency into this field as either payment option or rewards. There are platforms where you can enjoy spending money for your needs and receive cashback in bitcoin every time. The main goal of such platforms are to spread the power of blockchain among people to share its opportunities. Thus, I will post 4 platforms sponsored by major online shopping markets and you can receive credit card cashback in bitcoin for your purchases.

cashback in bitcoin

This application is the first on in the field that helps people to earn bitcoin for their online purchases. Lolli has partnered with more than 500 brands to help them for sales and conversions on their platforms. It has its own browser extension extension that lets users earn bitcoin when they shop from their partner merchants. As you shop online, you will receive a notification if your purchase is on partnered stores. With purchases using Lolli, you can earn up to 30% in cashback in Bitcoin.  Lolli promises not to track any site users are one but only merchant sponsored stores. (Join Lolli here)


This application offers buying prepaid cards and use it in-store, on app, or online shopping. Using fold app you can earn up to 20% cashback in bitcoin on every purchase in-store, online, and in-app. Also, It has partnered with Amazon, AMC, Burger King, Chipotle, Dunkin’ Donuts, Home Depot,, REI, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Target, T.J. Maxx, and Uber.

You rewards in bitcoin will be received instantly into your balance and available for withdrawal anytime. You can buy prepaid card either with credit card or bitcoin over lightening networks to even earn more bitcoin rewards. The best part of Fold is incognito mode, which allows you to have full power over your personal info. And, there is no need for you to disable ad-bocker or KYC verification. Privacy is the key to the future with Fold app purchases. Fold app purchases supported in Australia (Starbucks), Canada, Ireland (Starbucks), Mexico (Starbucks), UK, and USA (mostly). Available for Android and IOS. (Join Fold here)


This app will turn your cards into a rewarding card for purchases. Rewards can be in Bitcoin or direct cash into your account. It is available thousands of nationwide locations. You do not have to pay any type of service fee or no need for a new card. You can connect your bank accounts/cards and start receiving in daily purchases. As it is stated in their platform, “Pei uses bank–level 256–bit encryption for end–to–end encrypted communication, meaning your information is secure every step of the way”. With loyalty bonus, your credit card cashback in bitcoin will increase as you continue using this app. And earn an extra $2.5 on your first purchase using code czqbq0 (Join Pei here)


This app is a door to Amazon marketplace to purchase items with bitcoin or bitcoin cash. You can buy anything on Amazon and pay in bitcoin or bitcoin cash. You will have a chance to save up to 20% for your merchant purchase. There is also two ways that you can earn bitcoin on the platform. The first one is selling your gift card on Purse. The second one is through affiliate program. If you are accepted you can share your referral link on your channels to promote discount purchases on Purse and earn extra income. (Join Purse here)

Let me know what you want to add 🙂


To buy bitcoin with credit card, click here.

where to buy bitcoin

There are many ways of obtaining cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.) either for free or purchase. We have already talked about how to earn cryptocurrency for free in our previous post. In this one, we would like to talk about mining cryptocurrency with web browser. There are mining algorithms/extensions plugged into web browsers that allow users to receive extra earnings on their computing power while spending time on internet. Here we created a list for you to earn cryptocurrency for free by using your web browser.

Mining Cryptocurrency with Web Browser

Cryptotab came out around 2017 to run on google chrome browser with an extention to allow users mine cryptocurrency bitcoin for free with computing power of their devices. Nowdays, cryptotab has its own web browser with mining profit increased up to 10x than previous one. Now, you only download the browser and use it as you use other web browser. The only difference is you will earn bitcoin while surfing, watcging videos/movies, reading, and so on. Click here to download cryptotab browser to earn free bitcoin. You can mine bitcoin using desktop, laptop, mobie phone (ISO or Android).

Brave Browser

Brave has its own browser that allows user to keep ads and trackers away while spending time on internet. Most of the browser include tracker, pop-ups, content related ads, and storing user information then sell them to advertisers like Facebook, amazon, eBay, google, etc. Brave came out with blockchain technology and offers full control over user data. Download brave and benefit internet without being monitored by data storing companies. You will have the power to control what you like to see and not. You will also make money by watching interest related ads. Rewards are in basic Attention Token, BAT. Your earnings will be stored on your browser and ready to withdraw anytime. Click here to download brave browser now.


This web browser in a node on blockchain and it rewards users for being active. You can download and get rewarded Netbox tokens for free as long as you surf using it. Also, install Netbox.Browser now and get 20 Netbox.Coins straight away. This offer only available for first 125K users. Click here to download the browser and start earning cryptocurrency.


Besides mentioned browsers above, JSEcoin has its unique way of mining cryptocurrency JSE token on any type of browsers. It is java script embedded cryptocurrency mining platform that uses computing power of your device while open and running. Everyone can download it and use desktops, laptops, or mobile phones to make extra cash by mining platforms native coin, JSEcoin. Click here to start mining JSEcoin on your browser.

All three options listed here are for mining cryptocurrency with web browser for free using computing power of your devices. There are other options to earn cryptocurrency for free such as cryptocurrency faucets, paid to click sites, content sharing platforms.

If you would like to buy sell or store cryptocurrency, there is the top cryptocurrency exchange platform, binance. You can buy, sell, trade, stake, and lend your cryptocurrency online. Click here for to create your account.

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To make money with blogging is a universal question for those who has skills that can create an extra income. Unlike any other social media platforms that keep all the money they make on your contents, there are new crypto related platforms ready to pay you.

Here this post will address couple unique websites that you can make money with blogging about cryptocurrency.


On publish0x, you can post anything about crypto world and get paid by your readers as tips. Tips are in BAT, DAI, HYDRO, and BNTY tokens. You can also read articles and choose the percentage of tip to keep for yourself. For more click here

This blogging website is mainly about news on bitcoin cash cryptocurrency. Its community is pretty brave on tips. Per articles view, you can receive great amount of tip. We encourage you to take a look and start a short post to see how it works. Click here for more.

Another explanation from platform itself “You can publish content (articles with images and videos) and earn Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (ticker: BCH) for doing so. If a reader likes your content – he or she can upvote your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your online wallet.”


Peepeth is the twitter of crypto world where users earn money for blogging, sharing your moments with community. As your content liked and tipped by readers, you are paid in ethereum, eth. Your reward per tip can go up to $500 in ethereum coin. Additionally, you can support health care communities and charities. Click here for more.


This awesome platform is built on EOS blockchain and you can earn money sharing your knowledge or learning about cryptocurrency. Your earning will e in TRYBE token and you can withdraw it by converting anytype of cryptocurrency. You can also introduce your own project or even crypto token on this platform. Click here for more.


Besides all mentioned above, Blockgeeks is kinda online course provider where you can meet great people to educate yourself about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Later, you can use your skills to become an expert on how cryptography and blockchain works. You will also have a chance to offer your own courses or even start your own project. Click here for more.

All the platforms listed above are to make money sharing your works with crypto community. Almost none of the social media platfroms, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. returns you a penny from the fortunes they make from your contents. Why not to give it a try and see how your skills and sharings can return to you.

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Please let us know if you have questions to ask or anything.

As many of you know about faucet website that works and pays 100% since 2013. They are the the most trusted and well know bitcoin faucet that offers multiply ways of earning bitcoin either for free or games. Here this post will help you with Multiply BTC Trick. Here is a list of ways to earn on this great site:

Here in this post I will be showing a trick that you can use to play Multiply Btc Game on, bitcoin earning site. I will be listing couple rules, apply this all the time

First, know when to quit the game until next play. Secondly, be patient and never get disturbed by your will because you will loose your all balance. Lastly, always change your parameters. The strategy you read here is goin to be built around these rules. I will talk about these three golden rules in detail later on.

Multiply BTC Trick 1

Adjust parameters as shown in the picture below. Set your bet odds between 1.500 to 1.506 on the game. We will only play the game in manual bet part, which will give you more control over each play. For account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi, start your bet amount not higher than 0.00000005 btc (5 satoshi). If you like to play with jackspot on, choose lowest cost per roll. Now your are set to play. Start with clicking either on HI or LO buttons.

Your purpose is to find red colors (looses) in an order to hit bigger profits because for each red you get, you are going to increase the bet amount 2 times until you win the next roll. For example, lets say you start with 5 satoshi bet, then you lost first roll. Now you will increase your bet 2 times, so your bet is now 20 satoshi. Next play another guess with HI or LO buttons. If you loose second roll too, apply the rule above (increasing bet 2 times) again. This will continue until you hit a win/green color. Lets say you won the 5th guess and received your profit. Now you need to set your bet amount to be the lowest, which is 5 satoshi max for an account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi .

After you make 10-15% profit for each game session, you must take a break and come back to play after at least 30 mins. This will help you to relax and get out of game’s scope. multiply btc trick earn bitcoin bitcoin gambling roll dice game strategy

This trick is only for manual betting, does not apply to auto bet part. You should leave the game for minimum 24 hours if you have profit over 100% of your original balance.

Please do not consider this post as an investment advice. Bitcoin gambling can be very dangerous. That is why, you should not play this multiply btc game with any amount of bitcoin you can not afford loosing.

This is a post to show a multiply btc game trick on faucet website. Please let us know what you think about this strategy and your experience with it.

Click to learn more about earning cryptocurrency faucets.

What are Startup Projects? Startup project is a new company (<5 years old) that plans to get bigger quickly. To do that, the entrepreneurs look for funding to develop their ideas or projects. In turn, the investors funding those entrepreneurs get shares for the project. The more investment the project gets, faster the project starts.

Startup investors actually buy a piece of the company putting down capital for equity. That leads to form a partnership. If the company makes profit, the profit is shared based on the proportion of equity in the startup. However the investors lose their money if the startup fails.

As you know, every good project starts with a small step and then gets bigger. For example, if you had invested some money on Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Dell, Apple, Microsoft etc… when they were just startup projects, you would have been a billionaire in a few years. 10-15 years ago no one could imagine that ideas such as Uber or Airbnb would value billions of dollars. You should always remember that not all startup projects are successful. Dotcom bubble is the best example for startup project failure. So, startup project investment is always risky and risk management must always be done before investing.

Risk-Reward Relationship

Investing in a project early does not mean that the project will be successful and most startup projects fail. Investors should consider that buying a startup project means buying risk as well. People who invest later buy less risk and so less profit. So, there is high risk-high reward relationship.

What are the risks?

  • Funding: Money is always the key for business. So if a startup project cannot acquire enough funding, the project fails at the beginning. Collecting enough funding is so important for the first step.
  • Market Demand: For business, market demand is also crucial. Before starting a project, investors must learn about market demand very well in order to evaluate if it is worth investing or not. Misjuding market demand may lead to failure or less profit.
  • Talented Employee or Team Members: There are thousands of people who has projects and look for investors. Investing in a project whose team members are not talented enough to conduct will lead to absolute failure. Therefore, before investing, the investors must know the project team members and their experience to decide if they are capable or not for the project.
  • Balance in Growth: All companies wants to grow in time but growing too fast or too slow may lead to failure. Growing too fast would increase staffing costs and market demand. Growing too slow would decrease momentum and miss competition. Therefore, investors must check the companies’ growth plans before investing and there must be logical steps in the plan to decrease the risk for investment.

Facebook: Peter Thiel had invested $500,000 in 2004. After eight years with Facebook IPO, he earned above $1 billion. If an investor had invested in Facebook on first day trading, he would earn up to %650 by 2020.

So it is so crucial that if you plan to invest on a start-up project, you must do your own search without any recommendation coming from outside including experts. Believing that the project would make money in the future, you can invest.

Some websites to see the startup projects: buying or selling stock in startups and private companies. Lots of small projects are present to invest. Big projects are present for ICO or start-up investment. a rewards-based website providing benefits based on the amount of money.

Investing in a startup project is briefly explained here. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.