Exchange Platforms

Exchange Platforms are the platforms that provide cryptocurrency trading to buy and sell. In turn, they get commissions based on the transactions.

Exchange platforms are what we need to register to have digital assets and trade. The logic is the same with stock market platforms as investors buy and sell shares. Doing that it is possible to increase your cryptocurrency amount in time by selling when the price goes down and buying when the price starts to rise. We strongly recommend to trade through the best-known platforms in case of fraud. presents the safest and easiest platforms for investors to start their trading.

Here I will shortly write about Decentralized Exchanges with Loopring and what it offers.

Non-Custodial Exchanges

The word custodial and non-custodial means centralized and decentralized respectively. The legend, Satoshi Nakamoto, and his/her/their idea of peer-to-peer transaction of value/information has only one purpose, decentralization. That is, no middleman, bank, or government during a transfer of value. Some saying if you do not hold your private keys, you don’t own your coins. Somehow, it is true. Thinking of centralized exchanges, if you purchase a crypto coin, lets say some bitcoin, and leave it on the platform, you actually own a representation of their savings in their database. However, you only and truly posses coins if you hold a private key to verify it on blockchain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are built on blockchain technology. This feature allows user to have a trading experience using wallets that they have full or partial control. There are backed up by blockchain technology which makes them more secure against hacking. Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) provide peer-to-peer trading experience while all transactions are on blockchain. This makes transaction history open to everyone. DEXes are honoring the concept of privacy and the main goal of cryptography. 

decentralized exchange

If someone just got into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I personally do not recommend using a non-custodial exchange. Let me explain my reasons. They are usually offering in-chain tradings. In more words, if it is built in one blockchain, it is hard to trade different blockchain digital token. Some DEXes have come with a solution to overcome this by implementing cross-chain trading features like “wrapping”.

Next thing to worry about is the speed. DEXes are built on a unique blockchain algorithm. This means each transaction has to be verified and add a block on chain. Adding a block on chain depends on block creation rate. So, this may take some time if you consider fast buy/sell orders. Most of the DEXes offer about 2-3 transaction per second.

Another important thing is user friendly interface. We are in 21th century and we all want some kinda good looking, updated, and easy to navigate GUI. DEXes are mostly in old fashion ways to create a look for pure coding result. Their interfaces can be outdated easily and cause users to leave for exchanges offering up-to-date tools. Decentralized exchanges are more for those who have experienced in blockchain technology. For traders, it is more valuable to exchange cryptocurrencies during an active market move.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Exchanges

Simply, centralized exchanges (CEXes) are out of blockchain technology. Instead, all transactions and technology are accumulated in a data storage that they own, like banks. Even though centralized exchange idea is against peer-to-peer transaction, it has advantages over non-custodial exchanges. Besides advantages of lost password recovery or account verification, there are gaps in centralized exchanges.

centralized exchange

Centralized exchanges offer high-speed performance on tradings that is usually hard on pure blockchains. Blockchains have block creation rates that each block is added to its chain. Also, it brings more attention and create fast adoption among society by offering services such as purchases with credit cards or wire transfers. In such case, centralized exchanges are building trust to experience cryptography products, blockchain and digital payments, for those who are just in exploring digital payment era.  

As the privacy is main goal of blockchain technology, centralized exchanges face big hacking threats. Whats more is that non-transparent operation and evidence of market manipulations. Almost all of the centralized exchanges released their tokens to use them as utility token. Utility tokens are used to cover expenses like fees during trading. However, the lifetime of such coins are depend on the existence of their centralized exchanges.

Last thing I want to point out is the fees. Fees can vary a lot based on many parameters such as regulations, operations reasons, and middleman share (exchange’s profit). That may not be an issue right now, but as the blockchain technology receives huge adoption it will be a reason to leave centralized exchanges due to high fees.

Saying all these above, let me go ahead with Loopring…

Decentralized Exchanges with Loopring

This non-custodial exchanges technology also defending the concept of peer-to-peer transactions, privacy. It is operating on Ethereum blockchain technology with 100% Ethereum-level security guarantees. Loopring introduced Zero-Knowledge Proofs to speed up trading performance. ZKPs gives privilege to Loopring among other DEXes. 

The cost of transaction is another thing. Let me copy from its official website: “Loopring performs most operations, including order-matching and trade settlement, off the Ethereum blockchain. Such a design dramatically reduces gas consumption and thus overall settlement cost to only fractions of a cent.”

Loopring technology last increased its speed up to 2025 transactions per second with Loopring 3.0 release. This feature creates a chance for non-custodial exchanges to compete custodial ones. With low transaction fee (0.0002 gas fee) and speed/sec, Loopring non-custodial exchanges can have big positive impact on blockchain technology.

Moreover, to check out decentralized exchange here.

Loopring (LRC) on Market
  • Ticker LRC Value is $0.027877 USD (+3.71%)
  • Total Supply is 1,374,813,985 LRC
  • Circulating Supply is 1,024,323,329 LRC
  • Market Cap is $28,555,225 USD, 4,053 BTC, and 166,350 ETH
  • All time High and  Low is $2.59 USD and $0.019861 USD
  • Loopring ROI -44.25%
  • Market Rank on CMC 112

To read more about Loopring and LRC coin, click or Coinmarketcap. If you want to buy, selling, or trading Loopring, click here. To check recent cryptocurrency news, click here.

Finally, let me know if you like our Decentralized Exchanges with Loopring post. Sincerely.

staking cryptocurrency

Back in days, there was only a way to be rewarded in cryptocurrency, proof of work (PoW). It was all about hash power (computing power) a miner creates to share the next block reward. It is the main idea of bitcoin blockchain. The PoW is necessary to verify each transaction and secure cryptocurrency blockchain. In 2012, Sunny King and Scott Nadal introduced the idea of Proof of Stake and staking coins. With POS security and transactions are verified by distributed nodes and coins among holders. In another word, it is the act of locking coins up to verify transactions for cryptocurrencies with Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms. The creator of Steem and EOS, Daniel Larimer, developed the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). DPoS is a system of voting based on crypto coins share. By the way, Peercoin is the first cryptocurrency that applied the concept of PoS.

PoS allows coin holders to receive rewards as staking produce and validate new blocks through. The amount of reward that each user will receive is up to amount of crypto coins held. And every staking coin has its own blockchain that rewards its holders with its own coin.

staking coins earn reward

Hash wars among mineable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and bitcoin cash have been creating mass consumption of electricity, human effort, space occupation, and expenses on maintenance on devices. Counting all these cons of PoW mechanism, staking and its mechanism, PoS, comes in hand as a saver. 

Top 10 Staking Coins

Considering all mentioned above, here I would like to list my top 10 cryptocurrency to earn crypto coin by staking. I will keep it short in detail.

1. Tezos (XTZ)

This coin was built with a multi-purpose platform supporting dApps and smart contracts. XTZ was the first coin that was allowed for staking on exchanges after staking mechanism added on. Earning rate is 6-7% and minimum holding is 1 XTZ. Tezos has the highest traded volume over 24 hour among staking coins. Current supply is 705,020,740 XTZ and ROI 350% since beginning. Current price on market is $2.11 as of April 9, 2020.

2. Atom (Cosmos)

Cosmos is the second highest trading volume staking coin on market. This coin was built to transfer digital values between different blockchains. The earning rate is 6-9% and minimum holding amount is 0.5 Cosmos. Cosmos has a current supply of 237,928,230.822 with 190,688,439.2 in circulation. It is last price is $2.45 as of April 9, 2020.

3. BNB

BNB is the native coin of binance exchange and it was built on Binance Blockchain. It has a certain purpose that offers lower exchange fee on the largest exchange platform by volume, The staking interest is paid from transaction fees on Binance Chain. Earning rate is up to trading fee volume and there is no minimum holding amount. Total supply is 187,536,713 BNB with circulating amount of 155,536,713 BNB. The current price against USD is $15.1 as of April 9, 2020. ROI for BNB since beginning is more than 9000%.

4. NEO

NEO uses smart contracts to automate the management of assets on blockchain, basically. By staking NEO, earning rate is 1-3% and minimum holding is 0. That means you can receive rewards with any amount you hold. The staking interest is paid from inflation of the total supply. With staking NEO, you will not be effected by inflation in coin value. Total supply is 100,000,000 NEO with circulating amount of 70,538,831 NEO. The current price against USD is $7.95 as of April 9, 2020. ROI for NEO since beginning is more than 4200%.

5. Qtum

This coin has Ethereum’s smart contract and Bitcoin’s secure feature built with. Even though it has higher rate for staking reward, 6-7%, it has grabbed attention from crypto community. The minimum holding is 1 Qtum. It is the 4th most traded cryptocurrency on the market as staking coin. Total supply is 102,263,900 QTUM with circulating amount of 96,513,880 QTUM. The current price against USD is $1.49 as of April 9, 2020. ROI for QTUM since beginning is -76.22%.

6. Komodo (KMD)

KMD is offering composable, multi-chain architecture, an open-source model, and an open, business-friendly ecosystem. It allows developers, start-ups, and enterprises to work with blockchain. You can stake Komodo coin and earning rate is 5-6% with minimum amount of 1 KMD. Total supply is 200,000,000 KMD with circulating amount of 119,143,969 KMD. The current price against USD is $0.44 as of April 9, 2020. ROI for KMD since beginning is 287%.

7. EOS

EOS is a cryptocurrency initiated on EOS.IO blockchain. Total supply is 1,018,326,098 EOS with circulating amount of 921,626,086 EOS. Earning rate is 1-3% and minimum amount to hold is 0.25 EOS. The staking interest is paid from inflation of the total supply. The price is $2.75 as of April 4, 2020. Since beginning is has a ROI rate of 164%.


This coin is a hard fork of Dash and a privacy proof of stake token. Earning rate is 8-10% and minimum holding is 0 PVIX. That means you can receive rewards with any amount you hold.

9. Theta

This protocol  powers a decentralized streaming network. The first Dapp built on blockchain was later turned to where people rewarded for streaming. Staking THETA coin will give an earning rate of 1-2% with minimum holding 10 THETA. Rewards is in monthly payment of TFUEL.

10. ETH2, Cardano (ADA), and

The number 10 will include 3 coins to be upgraded for staking in 2020.


As ethereum team has seen the usability of PoW mechanism, developers are getting ready for a new upgrade. The second largest cryptocurrency by volume, ethereum, will eventually migrate from PoW to PoS by Ethereum Casper upgrade. So, be sure to store some ethereum to receive your possible fork reward. 

CRO is a mobile wallet and offers a lot with credit card purchases, investment on wallet, lending, and even rewarding options. It creates a community every day and gains attention by crypto community. Its native crypto coin CRO will soon provide staking rewards for its holders starting on wallet. Check it out here to earn $50 bonus.

Cardano (ADA)

According to teams’s plan, It will launch on Q2 2020. More data will be available then. Just a rough estimation, the rate of interest may be 2-4% with 500 ADA minimum holding. However, since its multi-layer and quantum resistance feature it will soon gain attention and be one of the top staking coins.

Where to stake

There are two types of staking, cold and online. Cold one is usually available by providing nodes on a simple computer, validator. Even a Tezor hard wallet can be used for cold staking. The other option, online staking, is available with exchanges as well. There is a big advantage of staking on exchanges because they offer less fee options and easy to exchange to change staking coin.

For this purpose, I would like to suggest using binance exchange. It offers 0% fee for all (14) staking coins listed on. Click here to create your account. To know more about cryptocurrency click here.

binance staking

Some Important Notes

Most of the promising coins offer lower ROI rate but shady and early stage coins relatively offer high staking rewards.

High yield, high risk. Think of MATIC case. 

ETH2 update will allow ethereum holders to earn staking rewards.

Sincerely, cryptocurrency wallet mobile wallet (MCO) is a payment platform that uses its own cryptocurrency (MCO). In addition to that, is also a company that offers a Visa credit card to buy cryptocurrencies and money. The offered products are:

  • MCO Visa Card,
  • (MCO) Token,
  • Mobile Wallet App,
  • MCO Invest Services.

!!!ATTENTION: Both registered users and their referrals get MCO token valued $50. offers different type of credit cards based on the amount of MCO token on the users account and all cards provide to trade and spend cryptocurrencies in parallel with fiat currencies. For example, in the first series of cards issued in Singapore, the Singapore dollar (SGD) serves as the card’s “basic” currency together with the Bitcoin balance which can be used to top up the SGD via a bank transfer, debit or credit card, or crypto. There is no annual payment for the cards.

Midnight Blue Card
  • 1% MCO token rewards on ALL card spending,
  • No fee for $200 ATM withdrawal per month (2% commision thereafter),
  • $2,000 monthly exchange limit between banks (0.5% commission thereafter).
  • Plastic card
Ruby Steel
  • 2% MCO token rewards on ALL card spending,
  • Free Spotify membership ($9.99 equivalent fee),
  • No fee for $400 ATM withdrawal per month (2% commision thereafter),
  • $4,000 monthly exchange limit between banks (0.5% commission thereafter),
  • Composite metal card.
Royal Indigo & Jade Green
  • 3% MCO token rewards on ALL card spending,
  • Free Spotify account ($9.99 equivalent fee),
  • Free Netflix account ($12.99 equivalent fee -HD, 2 Screens),
  • Loungekey Airport Lounge Access,
  • No fee for $800 ATM withdrawal per month (2% commision thereafter),
  • $10,000 monthly exchange limit between banks (0.5% commission thereafter),
  • Composite metal card.
Icy White & Rose Gold
  • 4% MCO token rewards on ALL card spending,
  • Free Spotify account ($9.99 equivalent fee),
  • Free Netflix account ($12.99 equivalent fee -HD, 2 Screens),
  • Expedia discount up to $50,
  • MCO Private (click here for privileged details),
  • Loungekey Airport Lounge Access (+1 Guest),
  • No fee for $800 ATM withdrawal per month (2% commision thereafter),
  • $10,000 monthly exchange limit between banks (0.5% commission thereafter),
  • Composite metal card.
Obsidian Black
  • 5% MCO token rewards on ALL card spending,
  • Free Spotify account ($9.99 equivalent fee),
  • Free Netflix account ($12.99 equivalent fee -HD, 2 Screens),
  • Expedia discount up to $50,
  • Airbnb discount up to $100,
  • MCO Private (click here for privileged details),
  • Loungekey Airport Lounge Access (+1 Guest),
  • No fee for $800 ATM withdrawal per month (2% commision thereafter),
  • $10,000 monthly exchange limit between banks (0.5% commission thereafter),
  • Composite metal card. has both website and app for iOS and Android to follow and buy cryptocurrencies online. AS A REMINDER, both registered users and their referrals get MCO token valued $50.

Click here to register on

How to buy cryptocurrency with credit card? Buying cryptocurrency with credit card is not an issue nowadays since banks and payment systems are figuring out ways to regulate crypto related purchases. Credit card providers, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, expanding terms to regulate and create more centralized transactions due to enforced laws.

There are cryptocurrency exchange platforms that offers cryptocurrency purchases using credit or debit cards with a small fee per transaction. Even such platforms provides services to offer direct transfer of fiat money into bank accounts in case of selling cryptocurrency in exchange.

buy bitcoins with credit card
buy bitcoins with credit card

Here, in this post, I will be talking about an exchange platform where you can buy cryptocurrency with credit card purchases in an easy, fast, and secure way.

Coinmama Transaction Details
Fiat CurrenciesUSD, EUR
CryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, LTC, ADA, QTUM, XRP
Deposit MethodsCash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer (SEPA)
Deposit FeesCredit card: 5%
Withdrawal FeesNone
Trading Fee5.9%

In summary, For credit card purchases coinmama charges %5 buying fee for any amount.

Coinmama Pros

  • Live pricing in US dollars and euros
  • Buy fractions of a bitcoin
  • Easy to review all your order
  • Buy direct from the site – no middleman
  • Multi-language site

Coinmama Cons

  • Does not accept PayPal, American Express or Discover
  • Can’t link to your bank account to expedite new purchases
  • No smartphone app

You can either store your cryptocurrency on coinmama exchange or other providers like coinbase, abra wallet, wallets. To read more about coinbase wallet, click here.

If you have any questions, please type it in comment section. Check out our recent posts as well.

Owning cryptocurrency online or on a hard-wallet is not an issue nowadays. The big issue with storing cryptocurrency is the security, fees, customer support, and of course transparency. Here we make a review of Abra Wallet, a revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet that even offers stock market exchange option.

Abra wallet Founded in Saratoga, CA in 2014 and Launched in the US in 2016. By year of 2018, Abra listed over 20 cryptocurrencies. Now, it supports more than 100 different crypto coins and gathers more trust by the community.

abra wallet review invest in stock market build portfolio cryptocurrency wallet
What can you do with ABRA Wallet

Simple to use: Abra’s 5-star app is simple to use, making cryptocurrency investing accessible for everyone.

Unprecedented access: Accessing your wallet is very easy. For example, buy, sell, or exchange over 100 cryptocurrencies from a single app, including new stablecoin deposit and withdrawal options.

Start investing instantly: Start building a right-sized portfolio today. Investing is now affordable for everyone.

Crypto your way: The Abra app allows you to exchange any asset with any other in-app asset, anytime, anywhere. So, it is in your hand.

How to Invest with ABRA
  • First of all, you can fund your wallet easily by depositing cryptocurrencies, connecting your MasterCard or Visa, or set up your bank transfers (where supported) to fund your wallet.
  • Then, you will build your portfolio by choosing from hundreds of cryptocurrencies to build your portfolio that best aligns with individual ideas and values is simple.
  • Lastly, you can move between investments like cryptocurrencies, or withdraw to a supported external wallet, instantly.

Check out ABRA ans easily invest in dozens of cryptocurrencies. Click here to earn $25 in free bitcoin after your fist Bank/Amex deposit, or 0.75% cash back when you exchange cryptos using Abra Wallet.

To read more about Cryptocurrency Wallets, click here.

Coinbase has integrated into its platform and started giving away crypto for free. It is a way that aims to bring more attention to cryptocurrency and create a mass adoption. to read more about Coinbase click here. Coinbase has started a new giveaway by calling it Earn Cryptocurrency with Coinbase. It recently added Orchid (OXT) coin and started another giveaway. Total amount of cryptocurrency you can earn is up to $186 on Coinbase.

coinbase earn cryptocurrency free bat token zcash orchid stellar eos token coin create account on coinbase
How does Coinbase Earn work?

Watch videos: We’ve created educational videos to teach you about different cryptocurrencies.

Complete a quiz: After each video you’ll receive a simple quiz testing what you’ve learned.

Earn: You’ll receive crypto in your Coinbase wallet for every quiz you complete.

Invite friends: You’ll receive extra $10 in crypto for each eligible person if you invite your friends and they complete a lesson.

The List of Cryptocurrency to Earn on Coinbase
  • Earn EOS: EOSIO is a protocol designed for fast and free blockchain apps. Learn how it works and you’ll earn EOS.
  • Earn OXT: Orchid is a crypto-powered privacy tool. Learn how it works and you’ll get free OXT to try out Orchid’s VPN service.
  • Earn XTZ: Tezos is a cryptocurrency and blockchain designed for safety, open participation, and upgradeability. Learn how it works and you’ll earn up to $6 in XTZ.
  • Earn DAI: Dai is a stablecoin that aims to be worth exactly one US dollar. Learn how it works and you’ll earn Dai.
  • Earn XLM: Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people. Learn how it works and you’ll earn XLM.
  • Earn BAT: Brave is on a mission to fix what it believes is a broken web. Learn about Brave and you’ll earn the Basic Attention Token (BAT).
  • Earn 0x: 0x believes that all forms of value will eventually be represented by tokens. What are tokens? And how is 0x building towards that future?
  • Earn ZEC: Zcash is a cryptocurrency with strong privacy features. Learn about how it works and you’ll earn Zcash (ZEC).

What is in brief?

Buying cryptocurrency online on Coinbase is the easiest way to own digital money. Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. We’re based in San Francisco, California. Bitcoin is the world’s most famous alternative currency with a total market cap of over $100 billion. The bitcoin has a network of thousands of computers run by individuals all over the world. (taken from

Coinbase has already reached over 30M users and $150 volume in trading. Coinbase has two core products: a Global Digital Asset Exchange, GDAX, for trading a variety of digital assets on its professional asset trading platform, and a user-facing retail broker of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin for fiat currency. The platform has raised $217M from world’s leading investors on the market.

The easiest way to buy sell and trade cryptocurrency online. Buy Bitcoin Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Monero and other altcoins with credit card.

It is very basic to create account on Coinbase. Simply click on create account on coin and at the right top of the screen click on Get Started then fill blank spaces with your information, name, e-mail, and password, then you are all set up. You will see the current market price of each cryptocurrency in chosen fiat currency. Coinbase offers its users a wallet, an exchange, and merchant tools within one simple interface

Trading Fees on Coinbase (taken from coinbase)

Coinbase charges a Spread of about one-half of one percent (0.50%) for Digital Currency Purchases and Digital Currency Sales. However, the actual Spread may be higher or lower due to market fluctuations in the price of Digital Currencies on Coinbase Pro between the time we quote a price and the time when the order executes. 

You will pay a fee (in addition to the spread), which is the greater of a flat fee or a variable percentage fee determined by region, product feature and payment type.

Coinbase fees
  • If the total transaction amount is less than or equal to $10, the fee is $0.99.
  • when the total transaction amount is more than $10 but less than or equal to $25, the fee is $1.49.
  • If the total transaction amount is more than $25 but less than or equal to $50, the fee is $1.99.
  • If the total transaction amount is more than $50 but less than or equal to $200, the fee is $2.99.

For example, if you are in the United States and wish to purchase $100 of bitcoin and pay with a U.S. bank account or your USD Wallet. The flat fee would be calculated as $2.99. As noted below in the variable fee section, the variable percentage fee would be 1.49% of the total transaction, or $1.49. Since the flat fee is greater than 1.49% of the total transaction, your fee would $2.99. If you wanted to purchase bitcoin with a credit or debit card, they would charge a fee of 3.99% since the variable percentage fee is higher than the flat fee.

Variable percentage fee structure by location and payment method are shown in the last section below. These fees do not apply to Digital Currency Conversions. As a reminder, the Coinbase Fee will always be the greater of the minimum flat fees described above or the variable fees described below.

Digital Currency Conversions

With a Digital Currency Conversion, you can accomplish in a single transaction what would otherwise require two separate transactions. For example, you could directly convert Bitcoin to Ethereum (a Digital Currency Conversion), or you could sell Bitcoin and then purchase Ethereum (a Digital Currency Sale followed by a Digital Currency Purchase). 

Coinbase charges a spread margin of up to two percent (2.00%) for Digital Currency Conversions. The actual spread margin charged varies due to market fluctuations in the price of Digital Currencies on Coinbase Pro between the time we quote a price and the time when the order executes. Platform does not charge a separate Coinbase fee for digital currency conversions. 

Coinbase Mobil Application

Mobile applications are making buying cryptocurrency online on coinbase very easy, safe, and fast. It is available for IOS and Android devices.

Based on all information provided above, if you are having questions for us to answer, please comment below. We will get back to you less than 24 hours with a prompt reply. We also post articles about how to earn cryptocurrency for free, click here to read more about it.


Invest for your future,

Binance exchange, founded in China in 2017, is known as a world-wide cryptocurrency exchange platform which provides trading of more than 100 cryptocurrencies. It has gained investor’s trust and quickly became the biggest exchange platform in terms of trading volume.

Exchange Safety

Binance considers itself as a safe exchange cryptocurrency platform since the users have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), which makes the accounts very difficult for hackers to steal information. Moreover, a unique anti-pushing code can differentiate between fake and genuine e-mails. Withdrawal requests are processed after the users confirm it via their e-mails.

Trading Fees

Binance deals with only crypto-based digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), altcoins or ICO tokens. You, as a user, do not need to verify your account to trade cryptocurrecies. However, unverified accounts will have a limit on the withdrawal of 2 Bitcoin (BTC) for 24 hours. The exchange fee to trade is 0.1% but holding Binance Coin (BNB) gives further discounts.

Binance exchange trading fees by TheCryptoHunter
Binance exchange trading fees by TheCryptoHunter
Binance Coin (BNB)

Exchange has released its cryptocurrency a while ago with starting price of a $0.30. The price of a BNB token went over $35 in 2018 when market treats bullish trend on other crypocurrencies including bitcoin.

Click to know how to register on Binance.