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Cryptocurrency news is always important to make short or long term trading decision. Any bad news can lead to decrease in price or a good news increases it.

Talented Investors must not only watch price graphics. However, they must also follow the news always because the prices sometimes changes rapidly. In finance history, there are lots of examples that just one bad news leads to 20-30% of decrease. In addition to that, knowing early about upcoming ICOs via news can help investors to buy the assets earlier to make more money. tries to post most recent news about cryptocurrency world to help the followers.

Everyone can mine bitcoin on a web browser with Cryptotab Browser Mining. This browser uses CPU, Central Power Unit, to mine cryptocurrency while surfing on the internet, watching favorite videos or movies, or reading news. Last year they released Cryptotab Browser that chrome based, and increased mining power by up to 800%.

cryptotab web browser mining bitcoin miner earn bitcoin for free

Simply click on the download button, complete the set up and let it mine bitcoin for you while browsing. You can sign up easily with your social media accounts, twitter, Facebook, or gmail.

All browsers aim to offer users faster and reliable experience. That is why Cryptotab bowser uses CPU power to mine bitcoin in order to have mining algorithm run smoothly while user routine internet browsing speed not affected. This way GPU will remain untouched. That is, it will create faster mining profit in bitcoin and faster speed for browsing. Also, devices with good GPU, grafic power unit, are not commonly owned by community but almost everyone has a computer or mobile phone with enough of CPU power to mine cryptocurrency bitcoin for free. Isn’t Cryptotab’s goal to reach millions of people and share revenue by creating a mass mining network?

Here is how to earn more on Cryptotab
  • Activate mining extension as you browse on the internet
  • Keep mining power at the optimum level
  • Refer to others to create a mining network
  • Withdraw earnings to a safe wallet (Create FREE Bitcoin Wallet)

Finding referrals are the key to make more mining profit on Cryptotab Browser. For referrals you will get paid up to 10th level. You can make up to $45,000 per month if you refer 5 people and every one after them refer people and up to 10-level affiliate program.

Cryptotab is a available for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

You can read more about mining on previous post.

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Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging on publish0x has never been that easier. Publish0x is a new crypto related social sharing platform where users post articles about cryptocurrency news. This platform rewards publishers and readers for their time spending on the platform. Here we post about how to earn cryptocurrency by blogging on publish0x.

How to Earn on Publish0x

First, create a blog on publish0x, which is very simple as one click. You will need a blog title to publish posts. People on the platform will tip you if the content spark their interest. That is, you need to create some high level posts to attract readers and make them to leave you some tip. Creating high level contents will bring you quality readers even investors. As a content creator, you may have good chance to involve in some good projects.

Additionally, you will be paid to read posts. For example you will tip a writer if the content is interesting to you. You will have a chance to tip creators every 10 minutes and receive a portion of the tip, at least 20%.

Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging is very easy. On this platform users earn cryptocurrency to learn about cryptocurrency. You will receive tips in basic attention token, bounty0x, project hydro, and DAI stablecoin for free.

Other Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

You can also earn cryptocurrency Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, bitcoin cash, zencash, and other altcoins for free on faucet claims. Click here for more information.

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