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Like all others who can predict the worse coming out of this pandemic (covid-19), I would like to say “Stay at Home” for your (all humanity) safety as long as you do not have to go out. We know for the fact that some of us has to go out to afford their livings due to economic condition. We also pray for them and their family since we are all on the same page, the Earth. Here I made a list of ways you can stay at home earn cryptocurrency.

Trade Cryptocurrency
stay home earn cryptocurrency exchanges

There are exchange platforms where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. They also offer purchasing cryptocurrency with credit cards. The top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges you can check out:

Join Airdrops
cryptocurrency airdrops

While you stay at home there are daily airdrops you can benefit from and earn cryptocurrency by promoting projects. Most of such airdrops are to create a mass adaption of crypto coins before listing on exchange markets. You can find airdrops easily on the internet. They explain each steps to follow for eligible contribution. Here is some examples;

Earn from Faucets
cryptocurrency faucets

In exchange of traffic on crypto related websites, you can earn cryptocurrency for free. And, such websites are called cryptocurrency faucets where you can earn a fraction of cryptocurrency for timely claims. Here is the top 5 faucets to earn cryptocurrency for free online.

Read more about cryptocurrency faucets here.

Mining Crypto with Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile Phone
cryptocurrency mining

Earning cryptocurrency through mining is possible with three main ways.

First one is mining pools. There are mining pools you can join and earn cryptocurrency for your devices computing power. This usually takes time to build your own mining rigs if you don’t already have one. It is also taking time to setup all the system and software inputs.

Other way to mine cryptocurrency is mining via a software download. If you have computer or a mining rig already built but do not want to bother yourself with pool entry delays, there are software available to download and start mining right away.

The last option is joining cloud mining through paid contracts. You can join platforms that offer cloud mining if you do not have device to mine by yourself. With a little of investment you can also built your mining rig online. This way there is no noise in your living room, no electric bills to think about, and no worries about maintenance. However most of the cloud mining contracts will make profit after 8-9 months from the purchase. Here is a list of cloud mining platforms you may want to check out:

There are types of online mining with web browsers and mobile applications. Browsers uses CPU/GPU power to mine cryptocurrency while you surf. Here is some examples;

  • Cryptotab browser allows mining on laptops, desktops, mobile phones as well.
  • Electroneum is a mobile based ETN token mining. (referral code 424635)

Even though, there are more ways to earn cryptocurrency out there (publishing articles, selling online, affiliate marketing, monetizing,  or creating crypto related websites) I have created this short list to help community during “stay at home”.

Let me know what you think. Sincerely

earn bitcoin freebitcoin

As many of you know that corona virus has affected people and world’s economy in a tremendous way. The virus has infected more than 660,000 people all over the world, causing over 30,000 deaths. Recovery from this pandemic may last for years and will be remembered for decades even centuries. They are communities like World Health Organization fighting covid-19 with all they got. At least we like to believe so. Even though, some of leaders, like D. Trump, would not see what is coming, public can feel the effect and the change would come after. There is a chance for you to fight covid-19 earn bitcoin online.

Corona Image
What can cryptocurrency do to fight covid-19?

Here cryptocurrency community can make a contribution to this war against covid-19. Cryptocurrencies are already a sign of protection if you think about social distance with other. Payments can be done, bills can be paid, and everyone can protect their saving since covid-19 is creating economic crisis. Countries printing fiat currency after announcing economic packages are even making this crisis to arrive faster. (USA $

So, I would like to share a recent news with a cryptocurrency earning site,

Here is how you can help fighting COVID-19 by playing bitcoin games;

By palying games on website you will help to donate 20% of the house edge revenue earned between 13:00 – 16:00 UTC on 31st March to Direct Relief, an organization that is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the U.S., China and globally to provide personal protective equipment and other items to health workers responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This website has been running for more than 7 years and volunteer to help health system. And this is the perfect time to put cryptocurrency beleive in use of something more important, human life. Join this website and earn bitcoin to fight covid-19. To read more about how to plat this game, click here.

Please let us know what you think. Sincerely.

As many of you know about faucet website that works and pays 100% since 2013. They are the the most trusted and well know bitcoin faucet that offers multiply ways of earning bitcoin either for free or games. Here this post will help you with Multiply BTC Trick. Here is a list of ways to earn on this great site:

Here in this post I will be showing a trick that you can use to play Multiply Btc Game on, bitcoin earning site. I will be listing couple rules, apply this all the time

First, know when to quit the game until next play. Secondly, be patient and never get disturbed by your will because you will loose your all balance. Lastly, always change your parameters. The strategy you read here is goin to be built around these rules. I will talk about these three golden rules in detail later on.

Multiply BTC Trick 1

Adjust parameters as shown in the picture below. Set your bet odds between 1.500 to 1.506 on the game. We will only play the game in manual bet part, which will give you more control over each play. For account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi, start your bet amount not higher than 0.00000005 btc (5 satoshi). If you like to play with jackspot on, choose lowest cost per roll. Now your are set to play. Start with clicking either on HI or LO buttons.

Your purpose is to find red colors (looses) in an order to hit bigger profits because for each red you get, you are going to increase the bet amount 2 times until you win the next roll. For example, lets say you start with 5 satoshi bet, then you lost first roll. Now you will increase your bet 2 times, so your bet is now 20 satoshi. Next play another guess with HI or LO buttons. If you loose second roll too, apply the rule above (increasing bet 2 times) again. This will continue until you hit a win/green color. Lets say you won the 5th guess and received your profit. Now you need to set your bet amount to be the lowest, which is 5 satoshi max for an account balance lower than 0.0005 btc, 50.000 satoshi .

After you make 10-15% profit for each game session, you must take a break and come back to play after at least 30 mins. This will help you to relax and get out of game’s scope. multiply btc trick earn bitcoin bitcoin gambling roll dice game strategy

This trick is only for manual betting, does not apply to auto bet part. You should leave the game for minimum 24 hours if you have profit over 100% of your original balance.

Please do not consider this post as an investment advice. Bitcoin gambling can be very dangerous. That is why, you should not play this multiply btc game with any amount of bitcoin you can not afford loosing.

This is a post to show a multiply btc game trick on faucet website. Please let us know what you think about this strategy and your experience with it.

Click to learn more about earning cryptocurrency faucets.

Earn Free ZenCash token for free by claiming on this page everyday. This faucet is the only legit site that offer quite amount of Zen Coin for free. However, multiple account creation may led to determination of accounts. Please be fair! This faucet supported and funded by Horizen Global. In addition, payments will be received in couple minutes in to the wallet addresses. Last but not least, there is no transaction fee. GetZen Faucet Earn ZEN from Horizen Global. You must use a google gmail account to register. Other email providers fails with verification email.

Here is a list of steps to earn on this faucet:

1. Claim (from the range from 30000 to 60000 Zatoshi) everyday using a Zen Token Wallet Address. (Get a Wallet : How to register account on binance? read this. This website, exchange, will also help you to trade cryptocurrency with other coins such as etherum, litecoin, USDT, or Dash. You can also buy and sell coins with your credit card.

2. Bonus Multiplier to increase base earning everyday up to 2x (2 times). Being active on the page and claiming faucet for days will increase reward multiplier.

3. Be active 5 day in a row and receive a bonus to earn up to 1 Zen Token

4. Every referral to earn bonus claim up to 1 ZenCash. Refere your friends or famiy members to claim up to 1 zen coin after referals verified accounts.

Horizen Global aims the privacy which is the main goal and birth reason for cryptocurrencies. You can also download their SPHERE Wallet to have control over your finances. They are also working on new features on the platform and wallets. Click on the link below on GetZen Faucet and Earn Zen coin everyday for free. NO investment required.

Here is the link:

Follow on twitter:@horizenglobal

Lastly, please comment below if you have anything to ask or suggest.

free bitcoin earn bitcoin multiply btc game wagering contest earn bitcoin every hour legit bitcoin faucet

Here in this post, we write about the best way to earn bitcoin online with a legit faucet, freebitcoin. Earning bitcoin online is kinda hard and tricky with all previous scam/ponzi sites experiences. There are of course some legit sites that gives away free cryptocurrency; bitcoin ethereum litecoin, dogecoin, monero, dash and other altcoins to bring more attention to cryptocurrency world. Thus, we would like to talk about the BEST Bitcoin Faucet that you can EARN free Bitcoin every hour!!!

Faucet Claim – Every Hour

On this free bitcoin faucet, you can earn playing faucet claim every hour, multiply btc game, deposit to invest in bitcoin, bet on games or events, entering wagering contest, daily jackpot, entering golden ticket for a lambo ($200.000 in btc), collecting reward points from faucet and multiply btc game, and bringing referrals.

All you have to do is to click the ROLL button to get your free bitcoins. The amount of free bitcoins will depend on the number that you roll. the amount you will receive is according to the payout table on the left side. You can come back and play EVERY HOUR to win FREE bitcoins each time!

A lucky number will come out every claim and you can earn up to $200 in bitcoin. And, the amount won will be added directly into your faucet balance. The claim amount will always be equal to $200 and will be paid in bitcoin (BTC) according to current bitcoin price on the market.

The base claim amount will increase or decrease depending on how active you use the faucet, buy tickets for lottery, and play multiply game. Thus, be active to receive higher amounts in base claim. Each claim will bring you 2 lottery tickets for up to 1 bitcoin weekly raffle and 2 reward points.

Earn Bitcoin Playing Multiply Bitcoin Game

Set a bet amount first and then click the BET HI button to win if you roll a high number or the BET LO button to win if you roll a low number. Change the bet odds or the win chance to increase or reduce your win probability and tick the jackpots to win big prizes by rolling the number 8888! Also, get 1 free lottery ticket and 4 reward points for every 0.00000500 BTC that you wager and 1 free golden ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC that you wager!

Enter your settings for performing automated betting below and then click on START AUTO-BET and sit back and watch while your browser plays for you! Automated betting will stop if you click the STOP AUTO-BET button after it starts or if this browser tab/window is closed. However be sure to take a break then play again.

Wagering Contest – $32,000 / Month

Participate in monthly wagering and referral contest with $30,000 in total prizes! To win the wagering contest with $20,000 in total prizes


Bet on games, events, matches, or even presidential election of United States of America to earn bitcoin. You can also make prediction on cryptocurrency price over USD to earn bitcoin, such as ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin.

Win A LAMBO – $200,000 In Bitcoin

A lucky winner will drive home a lambo! This is the biggest contest this page has been running for months, and first round completed and winner received over 21 bitcoin. Round 2 is currently running and here is how to join this contest;

  • Buy tickets: Each tickets will cost you 25,00 satoshi (0.00025 btc) to enter the next draw.
  • Multiply BTC Game: Wagering 500,000, 0.005 btc, satoshi will give you a golden ticket in this contest. So play Multiply Bitcoin game.
  • Bet on Games: Betting on games will also reward you with a golden ticket to the contest for every 500,000 satoshi, 0.005 btc, spent.
Earn Bitcoin Interest – 4.08% Annual

Leave a balance over 30,000 satoshi, 0.0003 btc, in your balance or deposit more to receive a annual interest of 4.08%. Moreover, interest is paid in daily basis. And there is no locked up amount.

Collect Reward Points

Every time you claim free bitcoin through faucet roll, you will receive some reward points directly. On weekend, website increases reward multiplier up to 8x. Rewards can be converted into bitcoin satoshi anytime if balance is over 100,000 reward points, RP. Currently, 1 reward point is equal to 1 satoshi.

Referral Commission

You can also refer others to the site to collect a 50% on faucet claims and 25% on earned interest, and 0.004% of wagered bitcoin.

Lastly, please comment below if you have anything to ask. Sincerely,