Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin started to fall as we predicted last week (click here to see previous prediction). The rising channel had been broken down last week already. Therefore, the price kept falling up to $8,800 for now. In our opinion, that fall is normal because people who bought Bitcoin earlier started to take their profit. The good news and what makes Bitcoin still trustworthy is that no political issue or epidemic (corona virus) can affect the price directly. So, this fall is not related to falls in the stock markets recently. Halving situation seems like a reason to rise for middle-term investors (click here to see the countdown). Let’s start our Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction (27/02/2020) to see what is waiting for us.

Interpretation: As we stated before, we are not in the rising channel anymore (turquoise line). In addition to that, short-term moving average (blue line) is below long-term moving average (red line). RSI is also falling with the falling price.

Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction: The purple, green and orange boxes show where the price felt before and started to rise later. So, our opinion is that the price may fall by those prices again and then start to rise. Because of that, the price in those orange, purple and green boxes are support values.

For ones who want to buy Bitcoin, it is a smart idea to wait until RSI falls by the red box. When the RSI is in the red box, the price trend may possibly change from falling to rising trend.


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