Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction (16/01/2020)

Hi Guys, we passed the critical point. Our previous ‘Bitcoin Price Prediction’ has worked well and BTC has risen by $8,900 in a week (Click here to see previous prediction). The expected halving situation may directly affect BTC price to rise because the award with BTC-mining will decrease from 12.5 BTC/ block to 6,25 BTC/ block. However, for short-term investment we should not consider that issue as we still have time for the halving (Click here to see the remained time and some stats).

BTC price predicton for 16/01/2020

Interpretation: In daily chart, the channel between purple lines that BTC moves up and down was broken to rise in a week as we predicted. So, it is a good signal. In addition, longer-term trend with green line still continues. Short-term moving average is still higher than long-term moving average (another good signal). Also, the BTC price is higher than 100-day moving average. RSI is keeping rise trend.

Prediction: There is rising trend in RSI and short-term moving average is still higher than long term moving average. So, it is a rising price signal for short term. It can rise up to $9,500 potentially. After that rise, we expect to see some fall for arrangement. The supports for that rise trend are $8,300, $8,000 and $7,200 (for longer trend).


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